The law in Queensland requires solicitors to disclose information to clients about certain things such as legal fees and how they are estimated or calculated, as well as billing arrangements etc., before entering into a Costs Agreement with the client. There are some instances where this disclosure is not required though, such as when the legal fees do not exceed $1,650.00, or where the work must be performed urgently.

Generally speaking clients have the right to:

  1. Negotiate the amount of your legal costs with your solicitor;
  2. Receive bills before you pay your solicitor (although your solicitor may require money to be deposited into a trust account in advance as security for future legal costs);
  3. Be notified of any substantial change to the estimated legal costs, and
  4. Challenge your legal fees if you are not satisfied with them.

The Queensland Law Society website ( has further information about legal costs and your rights.

Our fees may be charged either on a time-costed basis (i.e. calculated by reference to an hourly rate for the time spent in performing the work), or as an agreed (fixed) fee. Unless we specifically advise you of an agreed fixed fee amount, our fees will be calculated on a time-costed basis. No additional charge will be made for our internal office expenses such as photocopying, telephone calls, postage, etc. unless specifically advised to you in advance.
It is our policy to require funds to be paid and secured in our trust account prior to any substantial legal work being undertaken.

We will discuss your legal costs with you openly and honestly, and we invite you to raise any queries or concerns you may have in this regard at any time.