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Gilshenan & Luton Privacy Policy (pdf)



We have written a range of brochures providing general information about the criminal law process.

The Criminal Law Process (docx | pdf)

Criminal Proceedings in the Magistrates Court (docx | pdf)

Going to Hearing in the Magistrates Court (docx | pdf)

Committal Hearings (docx | pdf)

Criminal Proceedings in the District and Supreme Courts (docx | pdf)

Going to Trial in the District or Supreme Court (docx | pdf)

Pleading Guilty (docx | pdf)

Investigative Hearings (docx | pdf)



We regularly write articles and case notes in a range of publications, including the Law Society’s Proctor, and other industry journals. Some of our recently published articles include:

Excluding Confessions from Criminal Proceedings in Queensland (pdf)

Safe Night Out Legislation (pdf)

Offender Reporting (pdf)

Case Management in Complex Criminal Trials (pdf)

Barbaro v the Queen and the Significant Change of Landscape for Submissions on Sentence (pdf)

Case Law update on dishonesty offences: R v Dillon (pdf)