Glen Cranny

Managing Director

Glen has specialised in criminal law since 1995 and has been a principal of Gilshenan & Luton since 2000. He is today recognised as one of the most prominent criminal lawyers in Queensland. Doyle’s Guide to the Legal Profession lists him as a preeminent Queensland and Australian criminal lawyer.

Glen advises and represents clients in all aspects of criminal law. He also assists government officials and professionals in relation to disciplinary and regulatory investigations.

Glen’s areas of expertise include:

  • white collar crime;
  • sexual and violent offences;
  • CCC investigations; and
  • the defence of professional misconduct allegations.

He is often retained to conduct workplace investigations in both the public and private sectors, and is also very experienced in representing clients in commissions of inquiry, WHS prosecutions and coronial inquests.

Glen is a leading author in the areas of criminal law and disciplinary investigations in Queensland. He was a member of the Queensland Law Society’s inaugural criminal law specialist accreditation committee and was the Chair of the Law Society’s criminal law section from 2008 to 2014.

Panel and committee appointments

  • In 2010 Glen was appointed as a Senior Counsellor of the Queensland Law Society. He has previously been appointed by both the Law Society and the Queensland Bar Association as a panel member to assist other lawyers with professional complaint matters.
  • In 2019, Glen was awarded the Queensland Law Society President’s Medal in recognition of his dedication to community access to justice, law and policy reform, upholding the rule of law and administration of justice for Queenslanders.
  • In 2023, Glen was appointed as a (part-time) commissioner of the Queensland Law Reform Commission. The QLRC is a standing commission which undertakes research and provides recommendations to government on areas of important law reform for Queensland.

Glen is married to Lisa, with three daughters. His personal interests include politics (watching, not playing!), music and rugby league.

Recent articles by Glen

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Recent costs decisions in criminal law summary matters

A defendant who successfully defends charges in the Magistrates Court is not automatically entitled to costs but they can usually apply for the reimbursement of some of their legal costs. Two recent District Court appeal cases in Queensland have provided useful guidance on the recovery of costs in such matters.
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Murder charges in Queensland

Murder charges in Queensland

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The impact of mental health on criminal sentencing

Mental health and criminal sentencing

During criminal sentencing, the mental health of the offender at the time of the offence and at the time of sentencing will be considered by the court.
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Reviewing Blue Card Decisions

Reviewing blue card decisions

In Queensland, if Blue Card Services refuse to grant someone a positive notice, they can seek to overturn that decision by lodging a review of the decision in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.
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