Natalie Smith


Natalie joined Gilshenan & Luton in 2015 and has worked exclusively in the areas of criminal law and professional misconduct since that time.

She has a background in financial administration and brings a detail oriented approach to both her defence and prosecution work. Natalie enjoys untangling complex matters, conducting advanced legal research to assist clients and helping them through what is often a difficult time.

Natalie has represented clients in all courts in Queensland and has conducted QCAT hearings as a solicitor-advocate. She has particular experience in:

  • Sexual offences;
  • Domestic violence;
  • Drug offences;
  • Traffic offences; and
  • Commissions of inquiry.

Natalie regularly volunteers for a community legal centre and devotes her spare time to skiing, aerial silks and baking.

Recent articles by Natalie

How does the Mental Health Court work in Queensland?

How does the Mental Health Court in Queensland work?

The Mental Health Court considers the state of mind of those who are alleged to have committed a criminal offence. It determines whether an alleged offender was of unsound mind at the time they are said to have committed an offence and whether they are now fit for trial.
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Charged with public nuisance in Queensland

The offence of ‘public nuisance’ – just how much of a nuisance do you have to be?

The Summary Offences Act provides that a person commits the offence of ‘public nuisance’ if they behave in a disorderly, offensive, threatening or violent way and their behaviour interferes (or is likely to interfere), with the peaceful passage through, or enjoyment of, a public place.
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Can I get my case or charges dismissed due to mental health issues?

Getting a case dismissed due to mental health (in the Queensland Magistrates Court)

Managing mental health issues is a difficult and complex task. If you, or a loved one, has a mental illness and are charged with a criminal offence, it is important to obtain legal advice from an experienced criminal lawyer, as there are means of having charges dismissed under the Mental Health Act.
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Bail in Queensland – applications, granting and refusals

Bail in Queensland – applications, granting and refusals

Bail is an undertaking to come to court when your criminal case is mentioned and sometimes, to comply with other conditions imposed by the court. In Queensland, a person charged with an offence may be released on bail under the provisions of the Bail Act. Learn more.
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