Sarah Ford


Sarah worked as a Judge’s Associate and for Legal Aid Queensland and the Crime and Corruption Commission, before joining Gilshenan & Luton in 2013.

Sarah represents both private clients and regulatory agencies, in defence and prosecution work.

In the criminal defence arena, Sarah handles a wide variety of matters including:

  • drug related offences;
  • traffic offences;
  • domestic violence; and
  • assault offences (including offences of violence and sexual assaults).

She also regularly acts for clients facing disciplinary allegations and charges relating to their employment. In that regard, Sarah has extensive experience acting for lawyers, police officers, and medical professionals.

Sarah has had articles published on a variety of topics including coercive hearings and compulsive interviews, and summary complaints and particulars. She has also presented to the legal profession on topics including the intersection between criminal law and domestic violence.

Sarah is a member of the Queensland Law Society’s Occupational Discipline Law Committee. That committee consults with and advises the Queensland Law Society in relation to legislative and policy issues that arise in the discipline law context. Being on this committee places her in good stead to assist clients facing disciplinary proceedings. She also holds the position of Chair of the Women Lawyers Association of Queensland Inc (WLAQ) Criminal Lawyers Sub-Committee.

One of Sarah’s interests is advocacy, encouragement and support of women in the criminal law profession. As a committee member of the Women Lawyers Association of Queensland, Sarah is able to work closely with other criminal lawyers and the Association, to achieve this.

Recent articles by Sarah

Character references for court

Character references in criminal proceedings

Providing your lawyer and the court with evidence of your otherwise good character can be crucial in criminal law sentencing proceedings. Significant weight can be placed on a character reference for court when determining the appropriate penalty to be imposed.
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Revenge porn laws Queensland

Revenge porn

The community is increasingly confronted with situations involving the creation and distribution of sexually-explicit content. In recognition of this, Queensland has now implemented legislative reform to combat the ever-growing problem commonly known as ‘revenge porn’.
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Recovering legal costs in criminal law matters

Recovering your legal costs in criminal law matters

One of the first questions we’re often asked by new clients is ‘Will our legal costs be reimbursed if we win?’ A large percentage of the population is ineligible for Legal Aid funding. Being a defendant in the criminal justice system can, therefore...
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