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Leading Criminal Law Firm Queensland 2018
The 2018 Doyle’s Guide to the Australian Legal Profession, an independent list of the best lawyers and law firms in Australia as ranked by clients and peers, lists Gilshenan & Luton as one of the top tier criminal law firms in Queensland. Managing Director, Glen Cranny is one of only four preeminent criminal lawyers in Queensland, and one of six preeminent Australian Criminal Lawyers. His fellow Director, Craig Pratt is a recommended Queensland Criminal Lawyer.

Congratulations to Senior Associate, Callan Lloyd who, along with Glen and Craig, is now an accredited specialist in criminal law (Queensland).

Glen has been honoured with the Queensland Law Society's President's Medal for 2019.  The award is presented to an experienced solicitor who embodies the spirit of justice, leadership and tradition. Glen was recognised for his dedication to community access to justice, law and policy reform, upholding the rule of law and administration of justice for Queenslanders.


About Us

We are leaders in criminal defence and professional misconduct cases, and are the lawyers of choice for those that want private legal representation of the highest quality and skill. We can help you in any type of criminal or misconduct matter. If you are searching for the ‘best Brisbane Criminal Lawyer’ or the ‘best criminal law firm in Brisbane’ or the ‘best criminal law firm in Queensland’, then you’re in the right place. We are a boutique firm that will provide you with expertise and support.

We have a very deliberate approach to our work of quality rather than quantity. With a focus on a very high standard of service and attention to detail, our lawyers consistently achieve great results for our clients. We explain things in a way that clients can readily understand, and assist clients in understanding their options and in making decisions. We use technology to enhance our service delivery to clients, and our electronic document management system enables us to efficiently manage large and complex cases.

We conduct our work with discretion. Despite our continual involvement with high profile clients and cases, it is not our style to give media interviews or otherwise seek to promote ourselves at the expense of our clients’ privacy.

We understand that our clients are often facing the most challenging period of their lives, and our service delivers not just an expert knowledge of the law, but also exceptional care and commitment on a personal level, and ultimately, the best possible results. We can help you – from the smallest traffic issue through to the most serious criminal charge.



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Our team is headed by principal, Glen Cranny, who is recognised as one of Queensland’s leading criminal lawyers. We believe that the best quality legal representation is a combination of superior legal knowledge and a genuine personal commitment to clients. That’s why our lawyers are not only highly skilled and knowledgeable; they are also understanding and approachable. We are here to advise and support our clients in every stage of the criminal justice process.

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Glen Cranny

Managing Director
Glen Cranny, Managing Director

Glen has specialised in criminal law since 1995 and has been a principal of Gilshenan & Luton since 2000. He is today recognised as one of the most prominent criminal lawyers in Queensland. Doyle’s Guide to the Legal Profession lists him as a preeminent Queensland and Australian criminal lawyer.

Glen advises and represents clients in all aspects of criminal law. He also assists professional and business people in relation to disciplinary and regulatory investigations. His areas of expertise include white collar crime, sexual offences, CCC and related investigations and the defence of professional misconduct allegations. He is also very experienced in representing clients in commissions of inquiry, WHS prosecutions and coronial inquests.

Glen was a member of the Queensland Law Society’s inaugural criminal law specialist accreditation committee, and was the Chair of the Law Society’s criminal law section from 2008 to 2014. Glen has published and presented numerous papers on criminal law and related topics. In 2010 Glen was appointed as a Senior Counsellor of the Queensland Law Society. He is a panel member appointed by both the Law Society and the Queensland Bar Association to assist other lawyers with professional complaint matters. Glen was recently awarded the Queensland Law Society President’s Medal for 2019, in recognition of his dedication to community access to justice, law and policy reform, upholding the rule of law and administration of justice for Queenslanders.

Glen is married to Lisa, with three daughters. His personal interests include politics (watching, not playing!), music and rugby league.

LLB BA Acc. Spec. (Crim) – Qld

Phone: 07 3361 0240

Mobile: 0401 139 750


Craig Pratt

Craig Pratt, Director

Craig has been practising in criminal and administrative law for many years. Prior to this he practised in family law, dispute resolution (including regulatory prosecutions), and as the legal advisor to the Australian Medical Association (Qld).Doyle’s Guide to the Legal Profession lists him as a recommended Queensland criminal lawyer.

In 2012 Craig was acknowledged as an accredited specialist in criminal law. He advises and represents clients in all facets of criminal law, including both defence and prosecutorial work. He represents clients with respect to sexual offences, serious driving offences, assault and domestic violence matters and in coronial inquests, commissions of inquiry and administrative law. Craig also acts in CCC investigations into professional misconduct and criminal matters. He has vast experience in acting for police officers, health professionals and others in regulatory and disciplinary proceedings in QCAT and other tribunals.

Craig is a member of the Queensland Law Society’s Criminal Law Committee.

He is married to Rebecca and they have 2 children. His interests outside of the office include travel, golf and football.

LLB (Hons) BTeach BEdSt Acc. Spec. (Crim) - Qld

Phone: 07 3361 0230

Mobile: 0413 593 401


Melanie Morris

Senior Associate
Melanie Morris, Senior Associate

Melanie is a senior associate of the practice, having worked in criminal law and related areas for the last decade.

Melanie represents clients in all aspects of criminal law. Melanie’s areas of practice include coronial inquests, administrative law and commissions of inquiry. The work she performs also involves the handling of show cause and disciplinary proceedings for clients across a variety of industries. She advises government departments and agencies on investigations and potential prosecutions.

She is a member of the Queensland Law Society’s Occupational Discipline Working Group.

Melanie and her husband Brock are currently awaiting the birth of their second child, and she is currently on maternity leave.


Phone: 07 3361 0263

Mobile: 0401 426 543


Callan Lloyd

Senior Associate
Callan Lloyd, Senior Associate

Callan joined Gilshenan & Luton in 2011 following periods working as a Judge’s Associate and at a commercial law firm. He is passionate about criminal and professional misconduct law and enjoys assisting clients through a difficult process. In 2018 Callan was awarded his specialist accreditation in criminal law.

Callan acts for clients in professional misconduct investigations and hearings, in coronial inquests and mental health court matters, and also defends clients in a range of matters including fraud, drug, assault and proceeds of crime offences.

He has published numerous articles in various journals and since 2012 has been the annual editor of the Queensland College of Law’s text on Conducting Pleas of Guilty in the Magistrates Court.

Callan enjoys racing long distance triathlons, surfing, horse racing and films.

LLB (Hons) GradDipLP Acc. Spec. (Crim) - Qld

Phone: 07 3361 0234

Mobile: 0421 406 476


Patrick Quinn

Senior Associate
Patrick Quinn, Senior Associate

Patrick joined the firm in 2018. He has practised predominantly in criminal and misconduct law since his admission to the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2011. He has also practised in litigation and family law. Prior to his legal career Patrick worked as a hotel manager and maintains a strong interest in liquor and gaming law.

Patrick represents clients in a wide range of investigations and proceedings including transport and driving matters, sexual and drug offences, coronial investigations, commissions of inquiry, weapons licensing, crime and corruption proceedings and in professional body investigations and disciplinary proceedings.

Patrick has been a member of the Queensland Law Society’s Criminal Law Committee since 2017.
Patrick is married to Jessica and enjoys spending his time out of the office in rural Queensland.


Phone: 07 3361 0260

Mobile: 0415 463 966


Sarah Ford

Sarah Ford, Associate

Sarah has practised as a legal practitioner since mid-2013, when she joined Gilshenan & Luton. She previously worked as a Judge’s Associate and for Legal Aid Queensland and the CCC.

Sarah represents both private clients and regulatory agencies, in defence and prosecution work. In the criminal defence arena, Sarah handles a wide variety of matters, including traffic, drug, domestic violence and assault offences. She also acts for clients facing disciplinary allegations and charges relating to their employment.

Sarah has had articles published on a variety of topics including private prosecutions and summary complaints and particulars. She is a member of the Queensland Law Society’s Occupational Disciplinary Law Committee, and is the criminal law advisor for the Women’s Legal Association Queensland.

Sarah’s interests outside of work include food, travel, exercise, theatre and karaoke.

BJourn LLB(Hons) GradDipLP

Phone: 07 3361 0248

Mobile: 0407 245 581


Rachel Tierney

Rachel Tierney, Lawyer

Rachel joined Gilshenan & Luton in 2017 after working at a regional law firm for a number of years as the firm’s criminal law solicitor. Prior to practice she worked as a Judge’s Associate, and interned at the Crime and Corruption Commission, Legal Aid Queensland and Department of Communities (Child Safety Services).

Rachel represents clients in a range of matters including assault, traffic, sexual and drug related offences. She also has considerable experience in domestic violence and child protection matters.

Rachel is a member of social touch football and netball teams; and enjoys yoga, travelling and trying out new restaurants.

BJourn(Dist) LLB(Hons) GradDipLP

Phone: 07 3361 0246

Mobile: 0403 883 266


Eleanor Lynch

Eleanor Lynch, Lawyer

Eleanor joined us in early 2017 after working as a Policy Officer with the Queensland Government, where she was involved with the Queensland Parole System Review. Prior to this she worked as a Policy Officer in the Justice portfolio for the Department of Premier and Cabinet, and as a Judge’s Associate.

Eleanor is passionate about the criminal justice system and represents clients in a range of criminal law matters including drug and traffic matters.

Outside of the law, Eleanor tutors newly settled refugee families in their homes to provide community support and enhance English language skills. Eleanor is learning Spanish and enjoys cooking and listening to music.


Phone: 07 3361 0265

Mobile: 07 3361 0205


Natalie Smith

Natalie Smith, Lawyer

Natalie joined Gilshenan & Luton in 2015 as a Law Clerk, gaining invaluable hands-on criminal law experience before being admitted as a Solicitor in 2017. During her studies she also worked in financial administration and volunteered at the Domestic Violence Action Centre in Ipswich.

Natalie has practiced exclusively in criminal law and has experience in a range of matters including fraud, commissions of inquiry, domestic violence, and drug and traffic offences.

Natalie enjoys skiing, bouldering and baking.

BA LLB(Hons)GradDipLP

Phone: 07 3361 0215

Mobile: 0431 292 693


Kerrie Bolte

Office Manager
Kerrie Bolte, Office Manager

Kerrie has worked at Gilshenan & Luton for over 25 years. Prior to becoming Office Manager in 2008, she was a Senior Associate specialising in compensation and superannuation law. Kerrie’s experience as a lawyer means that she understands clients’ needs and concerns. Kerrie’s focus is on running an efficient and productive workplace which prioritises client satisfaction.

Kerrie is married to Don, and has 2 adult sons. Her personal interests include music, camping and travel.


Phone: 07 3361 0217

Mobile: 07 3361 0217


Michelle Crawford

Librarian / Accounts Clerk
Michelle Crawford, Librarian / Accounts Clerk

Michelle has worked at Gilshenan & Luton for almost 20 years, and is the firm’s go to researcher and legal resources guru. She also is an accomplished accounts clerk who ensures the smooth operation of the financial aspects of our legal files

Michelle’s interests include cooking, travel and her dog, Rosie.

Phone: 07 3361 0220

Mobile: 07 3361 0220



We are experts in criminal defence, including offences of violence, sexual offences, drug offences, fraud and dishonesty offences, confiscations & proceeds of crime, domestic violence, child welfare matters (DOCS) and Commonwealth offences. We have expertise in all traffic matters from minor offences through to dangerous driving causing death. We also have a strong practice in corporate crime, including ASIC offences and work, health and safety prosecutions. We have exceptional experience and skill in all areas of professional misconduct matters including disciplinary investigations & hearings, show cause proceedings and CCC investigations & hearings. We also have expertise in coronial inquests.

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We will discuss your legal costs with you openly and honestly, and we invite you to raise any queries or concerns you may have about legal costs at any time. We will enter into a Costs Agreement with you which will clearly explain both your and our obligations. We generally charge on either a fixed fee basis or a time costed basis and do not usually charge for our internal office expenses such as photocopying, telephone calls or postage. The Queensland Law Society website ( has further information about legal costs and your rights.

The law in Queensland requires solicitors to disclose information to clients about certain things such as legal fees and how they are estimated or calculated, as well as billing arrangements etc., before entering into a Costs Agreement with the client. There are some instances where this disclosure is not required though, such as when the legal fees do not exceed $1,650.00, or where the work must be performed urgently.

Generally speaking clients have the right to:

  1. Negotiate the amount of your legal costs with your solicitor;
  2. Receive bills before you pay your solicitor (although your solicitor may require money to be deposited into a trust account in advance as security for future legal costs);
  3. Be notified of any substantial change to the estimated legal costs, and
  4. Challenge your legal fees if you are not satisfied with them.

Our fees may be charged either on a time-costed basis (i.e. calculated by reference to an hourly rate for the time spent in performing the work), or as an agreed (fixed) fee. Unless we specifically advise you of an agreed fixed fee amount, our fees will be calculated on a time-costed basis. No additional charge will be made for our internal office expenses such as photocopying, telephone calls, postage, etc. unless specifically advised to you in advance.

It is our policy to require funds to be paid and secured in our trust account prior to any substantial legal work being undertaken.



Our Privacy Policy sets out information on the kinds of personal information we collect and hold, how we collect and hold it, how and why we use your personal information, how you can access and correct your personal information, and how to make a complaint with respect to our handling of your personal information. Please let us know if you would like a hard copy.

Gilshenan & Luton Privacy Policy (pdf)


We have written a range of brochures providing general information about the criminal law process.

The Criminal Law Process (docx | pdf)

Criminal Proceedings in the Magistrates Court (docx | pdf)

Going to Hearing in the Magistrates Court (docx | pdf)

Committal Hearings (docx | pdf)

Criminal Proceedings in the District and Supreme Courts (docx | pdf)

Going to Trial in the District or Supreme Court (docx | pdf)

Pleading Guilty (docx | pdf)

Investigative Hearings (docx | pdf)


We regularly write articles and case notes in a range of publications, including the Law Society’s Proctor, and other industry journals. Some of our recently published articles include:

Excluding Confessions from Criminal Proceedings in Queensland (pdf)

Safe Night Out Legislation (pdf)

Offender Reporting (pdf)

Case Management in Complex Criminal Trials (pdf)

Barbaro v the Queen and the Significant Change of Landscape for Submissions on Sentence (pdf)

Case Law update on dishonesty offences: R v Dillon (pdf)