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A guide to Commonwealth criminal charges

A guide to Commonwealth criminal charges

If you are charged with a Commonwealth offence, it will usually be very complex and expert legal advice is crucial.
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Reviewing Blue Card Decisions

Reviewing blue card decisions

In Queensland, if Blue Card Services refuse to grant someone a positive notice, they can seek to overturn that decision by lodging a review of the decision in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.
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University investigations and student disciplinary proceedings

University investigations and disciplinary proceedings against students

Australian universities and other educational institutions have powers to investigate allegations of ‘general’ and ‘academic’ misconduct by students.
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Impact of Parole Board delays on sentencing

Parole application delays and the effect at sentencing

The Parole Board recently advised that applications for a parole order received in June 2021 are not likely to be heard before March 2022. How will this effect sentencing?
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