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Rights of employees under workplace investigation

The rights of employees under workplace investigation

If you are being investigated for alleged misconduct in the workplace, you have various rights that have to be met by your employer, and any investigator retained by your employer.
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Revenge porn laws Queensland

Revenge porn

The community is increasingly confronted with situations involving the creation and distribution of sexually-explicit content. In recognition of this, Queensland has now implemented legislative reform to combat the ever-growing problem commonly known as ‘revenge porn’.
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Sex offenders reporting obligations

Sex offenders’ reporting obligations

If you are convicted of a sexual offence against a child you will also be subject to reporting conditions. Offenders should familiarise themselves with their obligations under the Act, as failure to meet their obligations may lead to criminal charges, and possibly imprisonment.
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Tips for employers conducting workplace investigations

6 tips for employers conducting workplace investigations

Allegations of workplace misconduct may involve suggestions of professional rule violations, workplace misbehaviour such as sexual harassment or misuse of resources, or even criminal conduct such as fraud or stealing.
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