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How long does a criminal record last?

Criminal records and convictions

A criminal record is the formal report that you have been convicted of an offence, either by pleading guilty or having been found guilty. A list of your previous convictions is kept by the Police service and constitutes your criminal history.
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I’ve been charged with supplying a dangerous drug

Help! I’ve been charged with ‘supplying a dangerous drug’

The police have arrested you and charged you with ‘supplying a dangerous drug’ but what exactly does that mean?
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Whistleblower laws related to companies

New federal whistleblower laws related to companies

Whistleblowing laws in Australia extend beyond the public sector. A range of new protections for whistleblowers has recently been introduced in respect of complaints made about corporate conduct in Australia.
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How do I appeal my Magistrates Court conviction?

How do I appeal my Magistrates Court conviction?

A person convicted of a criminal offence in the Queensland Magistrates Court has a right to appeal the court decision. There is no requirement to seek 'leave' or 'permission'.
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