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Can I get a Blue Card with a Criminal Record?

Can I get a blue card with a criminal record?

A blue card is the colloquial name for a ‘positive notice’ issued by Blue Card Services, which allows you to work with children. If you have a criminal record, your application for a blue card is not necessarily futile, but may be more complex.
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Peace and Good Behaviour Orders in Queensland

Peace and Good Behaviour Orders in Queensland

If a person is threatening someone else or their property, the threatened person may have a basis to ask the court to take action to protect them from the threatening behaviour. The threatened person can make an application for Peace and Good Behaviour Orders.
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What is perjury - definition and meaning

What is perjury?

Perjury is the criminal offence of deliberately providing false information under oath about an important matter in a legal hearing. In basic terms, it is the act of lying in court.
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How do I commence a private prosecution in Queensland?

Private prosecutions in Queensland

In Queensland, if you are a victim of a criminal offence, you can commence a private prosecution yourself rather than the state prosecuting. Find out how.
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