Melanie Morris

Senior Associate

Melanie is a senior associate at Gilshenanand & Luton, having worked in criminal law and related areas for the last decade.

Melanie represents clients in all aspects of criminal law including:

  • fraud and white collar crime;
  • drug offences;
  • assaults;
  • traffic offences;
  • misconduct matters;
  • CCC hearings;
  • domestic violence;
  • weapons;
  • coronial inquests; and
  • commissions of inquiry.

Melanie appears in all courts throughout Queensland and was involved in one of Queensland’s lengthiest fraud trials.  She also advises government departments and agencies on investigations and potential prosecutions. In addition to this, Melanie represents clients in administrative law matters which involves the handling of show cause and disciplinary proceedings for clients across a variety of industries.

She has presented on administrative law matters to the profession and is a member of the Queensland Law Society’s Occupational Discipline Committee. This committee meets regularly to review and comment on law and policy affecting professionals or occupations with a regulatory body including health practitioners, lawyers, teachers, police officers, accountants and builders.

Melanie is married and has two young children. Outside work, her interests include music, art and tennis.