Criminal Law Summer Clerkships

Our aim

Gilshenan & Luton recognises the cultural, historical and social disadvantage experienced by some sections of our community. Our Summer Clerkship program seeks to provide opportunities for later-year law students who have experienced such disadvantage. First Nations students are particularly encouraged to apply.

Note: Our 2022 program has now completed. 

About the clerkship

Gilshenan & Luton Legal Practice is one of Queensland’s leading law firms, specialising in criminal law and professional misconduct. Our annual Summer Clerkship Program seeks to provide the successful applicant with professional experience working with our team in these areas.

The program is a paid placement over four weeks, commencing in January each year. It offers the opportunity to:

  • learn from experienced criminal lawyers in both defending and prosecuting current cases before the courts;
  • assist in the preparation of a broad range of criminal law files across the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts, as well as in QCAT and other tribunals;
  • engage in the full range of activities associated with the practise of criminal law, including client interviews, legal research and the preparation and presentation of cases in court;
  • gain vital skills to assist in early career professional development; and
  • forge relationships and contacts with other professionals within the criminal justice system.

A word from our previous summer clerks

Read more about the experiences of summer clerkships with Gilshenan and Luton, directly from our previous clerks.

2022: Isabella Strauss

2021: Joel Johnson

2020: Cadeau Makazanyo

Application criteria

Applicants must:

  • possess a strong interest in criminal law;
  • have completed at least the first three years of their law degree (including all core criminal law subjects); and
  • address, by reference to their personal circumstances, why they are a suitable candidate, given the aim of our program as set out above.

Applications should comprise:

  • a covering letter (not exceeding 2 pages) specifically addressing the three application criteria above; and
  • a curriculum vitae (not exceeding 3 pages).

Where to send your application

Please forward your applications to our:

Office Manager
Michelle Crawford
By email:

Our 2022 program

Our 2022 program has now been completed.

Future applicants should continue to review this page for updated information about our clerkships program and the release dates for the 2023 program.

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