Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Criminal Law Summer Clerkship

Every year, Gilshenan & Luton offers a paid clerkship position to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander law students. The four week program offers the successful candidate a unique opportunity to work with a top tier criminal law firm whilst gaining valuable insights into the workings of the criminal justice system in Queensland.

About the clerkship

Our annual Summer Clerkship program seeks to provide the successful applicant with professional experience working within our team, and enables the opportunity to:

  • learn from experienced criminal lawyers in both defending and prosecuting cases before the courts;
  • assist in the preparation of a broad range of criminal law files across the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts, as well as in QCAT and other tribunals;
  • engage in the full range of activities associated with the practice of criminal law, including client interviews, legal research and the preparation and presentation of cases in court;
  • gain vital skills to assist in early career professional development; and
  • forge relationships and contacts with other professionals within the criminal justice system.

The program commences in late January or February each year (timing can be flexible to suit the successful candidate).

Eligibility criteria

In order to be eligible, a student must:

  1. be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent;
  2. identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander;
  3. be enrolled in a law degree at a recognised Australian University on a full-time or part-time basis; 
  4. have a keen interest in criminal law; and
  5. have successfully completed at least two years of their law degree.

How to apply

Applications are to be made by submitting:

  • a covering letter (not exceeding 2 pages) specifically addressing the eligibility criteria above; and
  • a curriculum vitae (not exceeding 3 pages)

Applications can be sent once the application opening date has been published. Applications can be sent to:

Claire McGee, Clerkship Co-ordinator

By email at cmcgee@gnl.com.au

Application deadlines

The 2024 summer clerkship position has been filled, and applications are now closed for 2024.

We will continue to update this page and publish further clerkship opportunities on LinkedIn as they arise.

Reflections from our previous summer clerks

Read more about the experiences of summer clerkships with Gilshenan and Luton directly from our previous clerks.





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