Criminal Law Summer Clerkships

Gilshenan & Luton Legal Practice is one of Queensland’s leading law firms, specialising in criminal law and professional misconduct. Our Summer Clerkship Program provides successful applicants with professional experience working with our team in these areas.

Gilshenan & Luton recognises the historical, social and economic disadvantage experienced by some sections of our community. Through our Summer Clerkship program, we seek to provide opportunities for later-year law students who have experienced such disadvantage. First Nations students are particularly encouraged to apply.

The program is a paid placement over four weeks, commencing in January each year. It offers clerks the opportunity to:

  • learn from experienced criminal lawyers in both defending and prosecuting current cases before the courts;
  • assist in the preparation of a broad range of criminal law files across the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts, as well as in QCAT and other tribunals;
  • engage in the full range of activities associated with the practise of criminal law, including client interviews, legal research and the preparation and presentation of cases in court;
  • gain vital skills to assist in early career professional development; and
  • forge relationships and contacts with other professionals within the criminal justice system.

Application criteria

Suitable applicants will:

  • possess a strong interest in criminal law;
  • have completed at least the first three years of their law degree (including all core criminal law subjects);
  • demonstrate a willingness and ability to work both within a team environment and autonomously; and
  • address, by reference to their personal circumstances, the benefits they hope to obtain from the program.

Applications should comprise:

  • a covering letter (not exceeding 2 pages); and
  • curriculum vitae (not exceeding 3 pages).

Where to send your application

Kerrie Bolte – Gilshenan & Luton Office Manager at


Dates for our upcoming 2020 program

Applications Open Monday 11 November 2019  
Applications Close Friday 22 November 2019  
Interviews for shortlisted applicants Early December 2019  
Program Dates Monday 20 January to Friday 14 February 2020  


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