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We are very proud of the work we do to help our clients through what is often a very difficult and challenging period in their lives.  From time to time, our clients choose to share their experience, publicly, of working with us; through online reviews or emails directly to us. We do not publish emails unless we have permission of the sender.

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21 Aug 2019  Google Theo

Callan Lloyd is a fantastic lawyer.

15 Aug 2019  Google Jane B

I am so impressed by the promptness of good advice, even outside of business hours.Good to feel like someone is on your side.

19 Jun 2019  Google A A

From the moment I started working with GNL (mainly Callan), they treated me with the upmost respect. They were honest and upfront about goals and hurdles and positive in their outlook. Through what was the most difficult time of my life, Callan and GNL were always there and were extremely supportive. Over months, they worked tirelessly, working over weekends and after hours and always made me feel like I was at the top of their priorities.
I always received timely advice, always outlining my options at every step which allowed me to make informed decisions. Everyone I had the pleasure of working with at GNL are all very supportive and compassionate. I am forever thankful to Callan and his team for all their help and support through these difficult times and to provide me with a positive outcome.
Callan would frequently ask me how my personal and family life was going throughout the whole process which really demonstrates his caring personality. After the process was over, he reached out to me to ask how I was and how I was progressing in all aspects of my life.

I cannot recommend GNL (especially Callan Lloyd and Glen Cranny) highly enough for their breadth of knowledge, expertise, great outcomes and how they treat their clients.
Thank you.

09 Jan 2019  Google Joseph C

Acquired the need for legal representation through tragic circumstances and the experience was one that will remain with me for rest of my life. Compassionate and professional throughout my court matter. I could not have asked nor hoped for more. Can’t recommend highly enough! Thank you again.

11 Dec 2018  Google Ned I

I would highly recommend Rachel T.

01 Nov 2018  Google Zac D
03 Nov 2018  Google Matt O

In what was a very traumatic time of my life over 8 months, I found working closely with Glen and Eleanor was quite incredibly amazing. They were both reassuring, supportive and very professional and at all times had my back. I always felt confident they were doing their best for me and my family and were genuinely interested in our health and wellbeing throughout the process. Eleanor in particular was one of the kindest and humble people I have had the pleasure of getting to know and was never shy of telling the situation how it was to get the result she was determined to achieve. This quality is hard to find in people and both Eleanor and Glen has it in abundance. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family. Matt

21 Sep 2018  Google Meredith M

Committed and caring team of professionals

05 Jul 2018  Google Chris M
27 Jun 2018   Fay E

Extra ordinary outcome. Excellent team. I am from Victoria and have never personally met Rachel and Callan, however they handled my case very well. If you're from another state and find yourself in trouble in Queensland, then GNL is your go to. Cheers guys!

24 Jun 2018  Google Skyflower

Glen Cranny was referred to me during a difficult professional time where I had been falsely accused. Glen was incredibly professional and helped me prepare for and get through an interview. In the end, none of the allegations stuck. Glen kept me informed of his fees and his case plan from the very beginning. I'm so glad I engaged Glen to help me deal with the situation, and would highly recommend him.

13 Jun 2018  Google Gerard B

I have recently had cause to use the services of Gilshenan and Luton legal firm. I had the pleasure of having Sarah Ford deal with my matters and highly recommend her for her professionalism and knowledge. Thanks again Sarah.

20 Jun 2018  Google John S

Gilshenan & Luton provided an exceptional service. Callan Lloyd went above and beyond to ensure the best possible outcome was achieved. I cannot recommend Gilshenan & Luton, nor Callan, highly enough.

15 Jun 2018  Google Jane S

I cannot recommend Gilshenan and Luton (specifically Callan Lloyd) highly enough.

Having had a fairly sudden introduction to the Queensland Criminal Justice System, I found that the biggest shock was the loss of control over your own future. It took a toll on my family, my mental health, everything.

Callan arrived within literal minutes of his services being engaged, and then worked tirelessly for the next eighteen months to achieve a successful outcome. He was tactful in his approach, understanding of the immense stress of the situation and the scope of his help extended so much further than just legal advice. Psychologists were recommended and then liaised with, and my family was kept calm and informed with a deft hand, often at no cost.

The advice I received was clear, timely and non-judgemental. Callan was familiar with the barrister of my choice, and I was comfortable knowing that whether I proceeded to trial or not he would defend me in court to the best of his (or anyone's) ability.

Thanks to Gilshenan and Luton I was able to make a level-headed and informed decision that led to a near-perfect outcome. Judges, jurors, witnesses and prosecutors are variables that you can't control, but you can choose your lawyer, and in my opinion this firm is the best choice you can make.

15 Jun 2018  Google Theo
07 Jun 2018  Google Helen N

I was fortunate enough to be steered towards Gilshenan & Luton Legal Practice when a dire incident presented itself, that I honestly believed had no possibility of ‘ever’ being resolved to a satisfactory standard of my liking. The practitioners at the firm not only showed professionalism, commitment and understanding but what I believe is way more important than all that, was sincere compassion to me and my family. I was afforded the services of some wonderful and experienced legal bodies throughout my almost 2 years of assistance, but by far and away the generosity and doggedness of solicitor Mr C LLOYD was something that not only made the dreadfulness of such a serious situation somewhat bearable, but his ability to compromise and re-adapt the defensive plans to suit constant changes thrust upon us during the case was a credit to not only himself but the law firm as a whole. I don’t believe I could have sustained the prolonged willingness to defend myself without the competent assistance of G&L. I would thoroughly recommend them (and have done so) to anyone in a similar position.

06 Jun 2018  Google Neil P

I can highly recommend Gilshenan & Luton. They work with the utmost professionalism where Callan Lloyd kept me up to date and provided exceptional representation with regards to my matter where the final result turned into a positive outcome.

05 Jun 2018  Google Geoff S

Glen Cranny and the team are excellent - professional, responsive and experienced.

05 Jun 2018  Google James H

Highly professional and respected law firm with experience in a eide variety of matters. I would recommend their services to anyone in need.