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We are very proud of the work we do to help our clients through what is often a very difficult and challenging period in their lives.  From time to time, our clients choose to share their experience, publicly, of working with us; through online reviews or emails directly to us. We do not publish emails unless we have permission of the sender.

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27 Jun 2022  Google Joel M

I highly recommend Gilshenan & Luton Lawyers, in particular Hamish Swanson.

Due to unfortunate circumstances I required legal defence, which saw me the pleasure of working with Hamish.

I can honestly say that they are by far the best law firm I have ever engaged. Not only was Hamish extremely professional and knowledgeable, but he spent a considerable amount of time looking into the facts of the matter & understanding the situation that was at hand.

Considering it was such an important matter, I felt confident in my representation and Hamish eased the anxiety around the situation.

I felt supported at all times during proceedings and I was confident every step of the way, that Hamish was working to secure the best outcome for myself and my family.

02 Jun 2022  Google Doug H

Craig Pratt is a brilliant lawyer, currently director at Gilshenan and Luton Lawyers. 

I have been a client of Craig's now on a few occasions over the past couple of years and I was not only 100 percent satisfied but I was overly appreciative as he went above and beyond what I expected.

Thankyou very much Craig for your expertise and your kind and generous contributions during my times of unfortunate events.

Absolutely recommending Craig at Gilshenan and Luton lawyers to anyone who needs professional, proficient and tenacious representation!

26 May 2022  Google Carolyn R

We have found Claire to be highly professional and very easy to work with. We were very grateful for the outcome that Claire secured for us in our legal matter.

20 May 2022  Google Leisa C

My experience with Melanie Morris was amazing from beginning to end. I had very little experience with defending myself in work related matters. She was very understanding and patient through the whole process.

She kept me informed all along. She made what could have been a very stressful and emotional time so much better. She was always happy to return my calls and messages in good time.

Living in Central Queensland my options were limited given the short time I had to respond, it was one practice referred to me when my time was running out.

Thank you so much Melanie Morris for your time and effort. The outcome was me coming out the other end with my dignity intact.

27 Apr 2022  Email Rob, Brisbane

Just wanted to let you know the way that Harold handled our son’s matter. He had a private meeting with our son first and then clearly set out the options available and made a recommendation.

We all left the meeting feeling much more comfortable in understanding the issues and options moving forward.

Would have to say that Harold is a very impressive solicitor.

Kind Regards

14 Apr 2022  Email John (Brisbane)

Dear Rachel,

Thank-you for your determined professionalism and thoroughness in representing me. Your candid advice and kindnesses during such difficult times are greatly appreciated and still stay with me.

28 Feb 2022  Email Paul B, Brisbane

Hi Glen

My case was dismissed by the Magistrate on Friday and I just wanted to say thank you for the work you and Hamish provided.   It became the basis for the no-case submission, and was exceptional work.

Again, my thanks and regards to you and your team.

24 Feb 2022  Email S, Brisbane

Rachel and the team, thank you so much for all your help over the last 3 years.

I would be in a very different position if it wasn’t for you and I feel like I have the whole world ahead of me now.

You cared about me and my journey through this time and it showed. My family and I will be forever grateful to you. Thank you again. 

22 Feb 2022  Email Peter S

Good morning  Rachel

Thank you again for your support and assistance in dealing with our matter.  I was most impressed with your professionalism and how you managed us through a very challenging situation.

Again, thank you and kind regards.

04 Jan 2022  Google Anne-Marie J

I appreciate the efficient and effective manner in which Melanie Morris handled an employment matter for me. Prior to the engagement of Melanie this matter had been dragging on for almost a year. Great work and outcome.

12 Nov 2021  Google Luke P

I was supported by Claire McGee and Craig Pratt for my matter. They were knowledgeable, professional and prompt in responding to my legal needs.

I was kept fully informed by Claire on what was needed and how things would proceed. She spent considerable time with me seeking to understand the issues and context relevant to my situation. I felt safe and confident with her counsel and was able to trust that Gilshenan and Luton had my best interest at heart.

I was supported during court proceedings and this helped reduce the worry and anxiety. Claire was able to secure the best possible outcome for me and her support and guidance helped to substantially reduce my anxiety. I have no hesitation in recommending Gilshenan & Luton as a firm and would encourage people to ask for Claire McGee.

08 Nov 2021  Email D.M

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the assistance you all provided me during my recent dealings with QPol for the Firearms Offence.  The result that Pat was able to secure for me was outstanding.  

I found Pat to be very professional in all my dealings with him.  He always kept me informed of the progress of the matter and provided regular updates, his customer service was excellent.

You clearly have a great team and business there.  I have already made a couple of recommendations to people who are looking for legal support to reach out to your team and I will continue to do so.

Thanks again for your support..

28 Oct 2021  Google Mark N

I had a Weapons Licensing matter that was complex and very unusual, but Patrick Quinn was able to quickly grasp the nature of the matter and resolve it very quickly with consultation only and no QCAT Matter required. Extremely satisfied. Recommend wholeheartedly

10 Oct 2021  Google Carolyn R

Our lawyer Claire handled our case exceptionally well. Her professional, yet empathetic manner put us at ease every step of the way. We were very grateful and relieved for the positive outcome.

06 Oct 2021  Google Alan N

Gilshenan & Luton represented criminal matters which involved significant mental health issues at the core of the matters. I did preliminary research to identify lawyers with experience in these matters, and emailed a brief of the situation for discussion. I was quite surprised by the differences in the businesses from an aggressive approach with full fees into their bank before starting to empathetic approach with understanding of the strains the process will place on the client and finances.

For the latter empathetic approach I chose Gilshenan & Luton who demonstrated successes with mental health cases, who I could identify understood the issues around mental health, and had a process of progressive payments as the case evolved to ease financial outlay.

The staff fully understand the systems they work within, and risk assess their plans to achieve the best outcome. This involves early and continued contact with the prosecution to gauge their position on the matters. One detraction was the time some of the assessments took to be completed, which in this matter caused more complexity. This was generally out of Gilshenan & Luton's hands though.

For a complex case, Gilshenan & Luton's argument focussed on critical issues with extensive supporting documentation, achieving agreement by the court and a very reasonable sentence.

14 Sep 2021  Google Aaron K

Due to unforeseen circumstances I required a law firm to represent me, I am incredibly grateful that I chose Gilshenan & Luton for the job. By far and away, the best law firm I have ever engaged. Exceedingly professional yet friendly and down to earth and also affordable.

I had Sarah and Hamish working on my matter and they both did their utmost to ensure I was represented to the highest possible standard, my rights were enforced and justice prevailed. I highly recommend Gilshenan and Luton to deal with legal issues, particularly criminal and administrative matters. I cannot fault them on any front.

07 Sep 2021  Email Rick S

Just a quick email to once again express my thanks [to Sarah Ford] for your professional manner in regards to my court appearance [appearance on a District Court sentence]

13 Aug 2021  Google Darcy R
05 Aug 2021  Email AK, Brisbane

Hi Sarah & Glen,

Thank you for all your assistance. This has been a long journey - took almost 8 years. 

I really appreciate all your support and thank you for everything.

03 Aug 2021  Google Chris W

Claire McGee was very professional in how she approached ever engagement with me. She was always approachable and helpful in explaining and helping me understand every step of the process.

24 Jun 2021  Email Parents of E.

Dear Hamish,

Thank you so much for all your hard work on E’s behalf, and for your continuing support and accessibility to all the family.

It was a wonderful result, and we have already written to Patrick to thank him for his part in the verdict.

We are especially glad that no conviction was recorded, so that E can begin his career with a clean sheet. He has been given a second chance and we, as his parents, are hoping he takes full advantage of this.

Thank you again for being at our side throughout this matter, right up to the satisfying conclusion.

With every good wish.

20 Apr 2021  Email Bill

Hi Rachel,

I just wanted to express my thanks to you … for the wonderful way that you walked with and supported J during this horrendous ordeal.

You put everything into defending J and we are all extremely grateful to you and the team.

We are so fortunate to have such caring professional support from you and from the team and we greatly appreciate all that you do for us.

Warm regards, Bill

27 Feb 2021  Google Ronald B

They were fantastic. My previous lawyers (before G&L) told me to plead guilty to 1 indictable charge (max 7yrs) & another (2 charges in total). From the date I hired G&L I was acquitted at trail within 6 months on both charges. I highly recommend this law firm.

09 Feb 2021  Google Keith G

Claire McGee performed her tasks with a high standard of professionalism and commitment as part of my legal team. She demonstrated a courteous, patient and respectful attitude during our meetings and correspondence. Claire showed me compassion and strength that helped me through this difficult time in my life. She was very thorough with her research and clear with her instructions to me during the preparation time. She is a genuine character and a credit to her profession. For this and more I am grateful to Claire. I would certainly recommend her to others in similar circumstance as mine.

20 Dec 2020  Google Clinton H
29 Oct 2020  Email M.D

Hello Eleanor

At the outset I would like to thank you for your support and guidance all the way. Most grateful to you and Patrick Wilson for the most professional approach at the hearing yesterday.

I would not hesitate to recommend Gilshenan & Luton and in particular, Eleanor Lynch.

28 Sep 2020  Email S and A, Sunshine Coast

Dear Glen,

 Just wanted to sincerely express our thanks for your assistance and support in seeing this matter through for us.  We will highly recommend you to anyone in need of representation!

24 Sep 2020  Email A, Central Queensland

Hi Team,

I just wanted to express our gratitude for how you have dealt with us during this testing period. At no stage did I feel unprepared or uninformed. Natalie you were fantastic today, your preparedness and professionalism was second to none. 

Again I thank you as I now move on to the internal discipline process. A fine and no conviction is the best outcome.

18 Sep 2020  Google Paul F

Great advice, professional.

10 Sep 2020  Google Paul A

Great advice and clear communication, highly recommended.

03 Sep 2020  Google Edan N
02 Sep 2020  Google Steve H

I recently engaged the services of Callan lloyd from Gilshenan and Luton lawyers , from our first meeting through to a very successful outcome Callan guided me through every step of the legal process explaining each step in layman's terms. I highly recommend the team at Gilshenan Luton.

06 Aug 2020  Email Name withheld

I visited the offices of Gilshenan & Luton in the worst months of my life and career.  Craig Pratt and Claire McGee met with my husband and I with very little notice after a referral from my Human Resources Legal team.  They navigated my legal matters with AHPRA, OHO and my college with competence and expert skill. 

I was extremely pleased with the outcomes of my matters from a timely and legal perspective.  Claire's estimations on costing were accurate and my final legal bill was surprisingly under my budget.  As much as I hope that I never need their services again, there is not another firm I'd choose for similar events. Needless to say, my outcome too was beyond what we had hoped for.

Appreciation on your fabulous win Claire and a precedent that will assist many doctors like me struggling to navigate a system that doesn't understand the pressures we face.

26 Mar 2020  Google Randall K

Craig was excellent to work with. Was professional and on point. He gave clear instructions of what I needed to prepare and I received the best possible outcome given the situation I found myself in.

01 May 2020  Email Peter N

Thank you to the firm and Rachel in particular, I have communicated with the referring party…how pleased I was with the referral to the firm. It is my understanding he is writing to his colleague (Glen) at the firm to convey his thanks and to highlight the work Rachel has completed here. Rachel I am forever indebted to you.

01 May 2020  Email W.D.B

Thank you Rachel for your email and your patience… You have contributed a lot to the outcomes that we now have which could have been quite different if poorly managed. He remembers a lot of what you told him. You are not just a good legal person, you know how to make a difference to souls…

29 Apr 2020  Email S.M

Dear Glen and Sarah

It’s been a long road which has finally come to a successful end.   From the very beginning Sarah installed complete confidence in me , and I had total trust in her, never querying any of her decisions or advice along the way.   She also provided enormous support, and without her I don’t feel that I would’ve ever been manage to negotiate the difficult times that I have had.

There were an enormous amount of emails that I sent to Sarah along the way , many of which were probably quite unnecessary. I’m sure she found them quite irritating at times but  nevertheless the prompt reply and supportive advice was greatly appreciated throughout the process.

I also want to thank Sarah for her amazing professional approach when it came to discussing the “ tough stuff “ . Discussing the realities of possible imprisonment cannot be easy , but it was done in an amazing professional and bizarrely reassuring manner . To this end she provided me with all the advice that I would’ve needed but fortunately this did not transpire.

Sarah I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing help that you’ve given me throughout this process. I will never forget it and you will always be somebody that I will be eternally grateful to.

Once again, thank you so so much for everything – S.M [Extract]

18 Feb 2020  Email P, The  Gap, Brisbane

We’re indebted to you for what you’ve done, Glen.  And for your patience, kindness, tact, courtesy, maintaining control(!) and your constant positivity. 

We couldn’t have been in better hands.

30 Jan 2020  Google J.K

Callan was very kind, professional and reachable throughout the matter. It was easy to get in touch with Callan when I needed to. I would recommend Callan and G&L to my contacts, if they ever needed to talk to a lawyer who listens & understands. Thanks.

28 Jan 2020  Google Arne V

A wonderful team that could not be any more helpful. Made my case much less daunting and have restored my faith in the legal profession.

15 Jan 2020  Google Theo

highly professional

12 Jan 2020  Google Greame L

Great Law Firm who have their clients interests at heart

28 Dec 2019  Google Jordan C

Great law firm and rather honest people. I felt with Glenn and Rachel and I'm very happy with what I paid for. They're quite expensive but when it comes to this type of thing you really do get what you pay for.

13 Dec 2019  Email H & K B.

Dear Glen,

Thank you so much for helping us through this difficult ordeal and for ensuring the best possible outcome.  You have been a powerful advocate and we are grateful for your brilliant work.

H and K, B

10 Nov 2019  Google Renae K
06 Nov 2019  Google Mark S

Very professional experienced law firm.

29 Oct 2019  Google Mick

Provided an amazing service and were always contactable. Handled all legal matters with promptness and precision but also provided emotional support and understanding. Many thanks to Craig Pratt who handed my case to Claire McGee, with whom my matters were dealt with flawlessly. Thank you Claire.

18 Oct 2019  Email Barry

Dear Glen,  I want to thank you most sincerely for handling my matter. It has been a long haul.  Your support was really appreciated.  Best wishes to you in all your work, meeting people in their time of need, and steering them through the sometime tortuous pathways that

impact heavily upon their lives and that of their families. Your empathy towards me is appreciated.

Yours sincerely,


19 Sep 2019  Google Adrian P
11 Sep 2019  Google David K

I had a matter where I was unfairly dismissed after a very incompetent investigation that went for nearly three years. I then had a second matter that arose approximately 12 months later and as a result a second investigation was commenced.

I decided to appeal the matter through QCAT and was appointed Gilshenan and Luton as my representing legal team by my union. I had the absolute pleasure of dealing with Melanie, Sarah and Craig, all were honest and walked me through my options, what to expect and how the process works.
I ended up with Sarah as my lawyer and she was nothing short of brilliant.

Sarah was the consummate professional from the start and walked me through the process we would be following from start to finish. Sarah and the team are highly professional, efficient, approachable and patient, ticked every box! I had very good experiences being her client. Any queries I had, she answered with empathy and in a timely manner. I was extremely impressed with her responsiveness, professionalism and her hard work in my case. Sarah gave excellent advice throughout the proceedings to ensure the best possible outcome. I felt she personally cared about my future and I feel she went above and beyond my expectations. As a result of the unbridled dedication and the legal team put together by Gilshenan and Luton including employing the assistance of barrister Matt Black my case was “set aside” by the presiding member at the initial QCAT hearing.

This decision was of course appealed by my previous employer and again the Gilshenan and Luton team lead by Sarah handled the appeal through QCATA and the “leave to appeal” sought by my employer was dismissed, I was declared innocent and my name cleared, case closed.

In relation to the second matter I had Sarah with me through those allegations as well. When it came to a “directed” interview, Gilshenan and Luton had a solicitor in my location in relation to another matter and he was fully briefed by Sarah and Craig sat in with me during the interview. Craig was calming and a couple times needed to tap me on the shoulder, his knowledge of my case and also the legalities in relation to the interview process were second to none and I could not recommend him highly enough.

As a result of the evidence challenged or lack thereof I was also “cleared” due to “no evidence to offer” and in my belief as well the outstanding job during the interview by Craig.

I can’t talk highly enough nor praise the team at Gilshenan and Luton to the extent they deserve. Professional and Courteous and with a will to win and achieve the best result possible, thanks to Melanie, Sarah and Craig who due to their high level of skill have resulted in my innocence being proven and my name being cleared.

In case you wondered, yes I am a Queensland Police Officer….

04 Sep 2019  Google Colin Y

I highly recommend Gilshenan & Luton Legal Practice. Their team are very welcoming and immediately you feel their warm sense of trust right away. Craig and Natalie in particular I commend on their efforts and for always giving 100% attention to my case. They are straight to the point and no mucking around or beating around the bush, and for this trust them with everything I have and could not ask for a better outcome. I recommend this legal team for anyone who needs a loyal law firm. Thanks for everything.

27 Aug 2019  Google Craig E

Top Legal people to Deal with. Kept me informed the hole way by Emails and posting paperwork good team work.

23 Aug 2019  Google Peter

This is a highly performing legal firm. I was very fortunate to be referred to this fantastic firm in very challenging and distressing personal circumstances. Claire McGee is a highly professional lawyer but at the same time she is very approachable.

Reliable and superbly organised, she is a source of confidence and great advice when things are uncertain and works hard all the time at realising the best solutions for her clients. Patrick Quinn has a wealth of knowledge and information and a great legal instinct that would add real value to any legal matter.

The entire team at Gilshenan & Luton is focussed at delivering the best outcomes for their clients. They work well together as a team, each providing a valuable contribution. Because you have a highly effective team behind you, they are highly effective at achieving the best outcomes.

21 Aug 2019  Google Theo

Callan Lloyd is a fantastic lawyer.

15 Aug 2019  Google Jane B

I am so impressed by the promptness of good advice, even outside of business hours.Good to feel like someone is on your side.

19 Jun 2019  Google A A

From the moment I started working with GNL (mainly Callan), they treated me with the upmost respect. They were honest and upfront about goals and hurdles and positive in their outlook. Through what was the most difficult time of my life, Callan and GNL were always there and were extremely supportive. Over months, they worked tirelessly, working over weekends and after hours and always made me feel like I was at the top of their priorities.
I always received timely advice, always outlining my options at every step which allowed me to make informed decisions. Everyone I had the pleasure of working with at GNL are all very supportive and compassionate. I am forever thankful to Callan and his team for all their help and support through these difficult times and to provide me with a positive outcome.
Callan would frequently ask me how my personal and family life was going throughout the whole process which really demonstrates his caring personality. After the process was over, he reached out to me to ask how I was and how I was progressing in all aspects of my life.

I cannot recommend GNL (especially Callan Lloyd and Glen Cranny) highly enough for their breadth of knowledge, expertise, great outcomes and how they treat their clients.
Thank you.

09 Jan 2019  Google Joseph C

Acquired the need for legal representation through tragic circumstances and the experience was one that will remain with me for rest of my life. Compassionate and professional throughout my court matter. I could not have asked nor hoped for more. Can’t recommend highly enough! Thank you again.

11 Dec 2018  Google Ned I

I would highly recommend Rachel T.

01 Nov 2018  Google Zac D
03 Nov 2018  Google Matt O

In what was a very traumatic time of my life over 8 months, I found working closely with Glen and Eleanor was quite incredibly amazing. They were both reassuring, supportive and very professional and at all times had my back. I always felt confident they were doing their best for me and my family and were genuinely interested in our health and wellbeing throughout the process. Eleanor in particular was one of the kindest and humble people I have had the pleasure of getting to know and was never shy of telling the situation how it was to get the result she was determined to achieve. This quality is hard to find in people and both Eleanor and Glen has it in abundance. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family. Matt

21 Sep 2018  Google Meredith M

Committed and caring team of professionals

05 Jul 2018  Google Chris M
27 Jun 2018   Fay E

Extra ordinary outcome. Excellent team. I am from Victoria and have never personally met Rachel and Callan, however they handled my case very well. If you're from another state and find yourself in trouble in Queensland, then GNL is your go to. Cheers guys!

24 Jun 2018  Google Skyflower

Glen Cranny was referred to me during a difficult professional time where I had been falsely accused. Glen was incredibly professional and helped me prepare for and get through an interview. In the end, none of the allegations stuck. Glen kept me informed of his fees and his case plan from the very beginning. I'm so glad I engaged Glen to help me deal with the situation, and would highly recommend him.

13 Jun 2018  Google Gerard B

I have recently had cause to use the services of Gilshenan and Luton legal firm. I had the pleasure of having Sarah Ford deal with my matters and highly recommend her for her professionalism and knowledge. Thanks again Sarah.

20 Jun 2018  Google John S

Gilshenan & Luton provided an exceptional service. Callan Lloyd went above and beyond to ensure the best possible outcome was achieved. I cannot recommend Gilshenan & Luton, nor Callan, highly enough.

15 Jun 2018  Google Jane S

I cannot recommend Gilshenan and Luton (specifically Callan Lloyd) highly enough.

Having had a fairly sudden introduction to the Queensland Criminal Justice System, I found that the biggest shock was the loss of control over your own future. It took a toll on my family, my mental health, everything.

Callan arrived within literal minutes of his services being engaged, and then worked tirelessly for the next eighteen months to achieve a successful outcome. He was tactful in his approach, understanding of the immense stress of the situation and the scope of his help extended so much further than just legal advice. Psychologists were recommended and then liaised with, and my family was kept calm and informed with a deft hand, often at no cost.

The advice I received was clear, timely and non-judgemental. Callan was familiar with the barrister of my choice, and I was comfortable knowing that whether I proceeded to trial or not he would defend me in court to the best of his (or anyone's) ability.

Thanks to Gilshenan and Luton I was able to make a level-headed and informed decision that led to a near-perfect outcome. Judges, jurors, witnesses and prosecutors are variables that you can't control, but you can choose your lawyer, and in my opinion this firm is the best choice you can make.

15 Jun 2018  Google Theo
07 Jun 2018  Google Helen N

I was fortunate enough to be steered towards Gilshenan & Luton Legal Practice when a dire incident presented itself, that I honestly believed had no possibility of ‘ever’ being resolved to a satisfactory standard of my liking. The practitioners at the firm not only showed professionalism, commitment and understanding but what I believe is way more important than all that, was sincere compassion to me and my family. I was afforded the services of some wonderful and experienced legal bodies throughout my almost 2 years of assistance, but by far and away the generosity and doggedness of solicitor Mr C LLOYD was something that not only made the dreadfulness of such a serious situation somewhat bearable, but his ability to compromise and re-adapt the defensive plans to suit constant changes thrust upon us during the case was a credit to not only himself but the law firm as a whole. I don’t believe I could have sustained the prolonged willingness to defend myself without the competent assistance of G&L. I would thoroughly recommend them (and have done so) to anyone in a similar position.

06 Jun 2018  Google Neil P

I can highly recommend Gilshenan & Luton. They work with the utmost professionalism where Callan Lloyd kept me up to date and provided exceptional representation with regards to my matter where the final result turned into a positive outcome.

05 Jun 2018  Google Geoff S

Glen Cranny and the team are excellent - professional, responsive and experienced.

05 Jun 2018  Google James H

Highly professional and respected law firm with experience in a eide variety of matters. I would recommend their services to anyone in need.