Patrick Quinn


Patrick joined Gilshenan & Luton in 2018. He has practised predominantly in criminal and misconduct law since his admission to the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2011. He has also practised in litigation and family law.

Prior to his legal career, Patrick worked as a hotel manager and maintains a strong interest in liquor and gaming law.

Patrick represents clients in a wide range of investigations and proceedings including:

  • transport and driving matters;
  • sexual offences;
  • drug offences;
  • coronial investigations;
  • commissions of inquiry;
  • weapons licensing;
  • crime and corruption proceedings;
  • professional body investigations and disciplinary proceedings; and
  • workplace investigations.

Patrick has been a member of the Queensland Law Society’s Criminal Law Committee since 2017.

Patrick is married to Jessica and enjoys spending his time out of the office in rural Queensland.

Recent articles by Patrick

Amended guidelines to assess weapons licensing in Queensland

Amended guidelines to assess weapons licensing in Queensland

Amendments to weapons licencing assessments have seen an apparent increase in the number of refusals to grant or renew a license. If you've had an adverse decision about your application, you have 28 days to appeal to QCAT.
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Councillor and mayor obligations and responsibilities

Mayor and councillor responsibilities and obligations (Queensland)

Changes to the Local Government Electoral Act introduced the mandatory requirement for all candidates for council elections and by-elections to complete ‘So you want to be a councillor?’ training within six months before nominating for election. The training was designed to address the primary responsibilities and obligations of mayors and councillors.
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