Rachel Tierney


Rachel joined Gilshenan & Luton in 2017 after working at a regional law firm for a number of years as the firm’s criminal law solicitor. Prior to practice she worked as a Judge’s Associate and interned at the Crime and Corruption Commission, Legal Aid Queensland and Department of Communities (Child Safety Services).

Rachel represents clients in a range of matters including:

  • assault;
  • traffic offences;
  • sexual offences; and
  • drug related offences.

She also has considerable experience in domestic violence and child protection matters.

Aside from criminal defence work, Rachel represents clients in disciplinary matters and in coronial inquests. She also has carriage of prosecutions matters for regulatory agencies.

Rachel has been a participant in legal industry seminars and panels in respect of criminal law, including the Ethical Conundrums Panel at the 2019 International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law .

Rachel enjoys cooking and trying out new restaurants, going to F45, planning her next travel adventure and spending time with family and friends.

Recent articles by Rachel

What happens at a restorative justice conference?

Restorative justice conferencing (previously called justice mediation)

During criminal law proceedings, a restorative justice conference may be deemed appropriate, in order to provide the complainant an opportunity to tell their story and the defendant an opportunity to take responsibility for their actions.
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Sex offenders reporting obligations

Sex offenders’ reporting obligations

If you are convicted of a sexual offence against a child you will also be subject to reporting conditions. Offenders should familiarise themselves with their obligations under the Act, as failure to meet their obligations may lead to criminal charges, and possibly imprisonment.
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