Weapons licensing for armourers and theatrical ordnance suppliers Queensland

Weapons licensing for armourers and theatrical ordnance suppliers Queensland

Armourers, theatrical ordnance, and the use of firearms and blank-firing ammunition on a set or in a theatrical production in Queensland is governed by the Weapons Act 1990, the Weapons Regulation 2016 and the Explosives Act 1999.

The findings of an inquest into the death of a stuntman whilst filming a music video in Queensland were the catalyst for the review and scrutiny of the role of armourers and theatrical ordnance suppliers (TOS) by Weapons Licensing (QLD). As a consequence, it is expected that assessment of applications for an armourer licence or TOS licence by Weapons Licensing will take longer than has previously been the case.

Armourers licence

The Weapons Act defines an armourer as a person who stores, manufactures, modifies, or repairs weapons in the course of the person’s business.

Applications for an armourer’s licence are assessed by an Authorised Officer pursuant to sections 55 and 56 of the Weapons Regulation 2016 and division 2, part 4 of the Weapons Act 1990.

Theatrical ordnance suppliers licence

A TOS licence authorises the licensee to supply and possess, for the purpose of supply, any of the following in the production of a theatrical, film or television production:

  • a blank-fire firearm or permanently inoperable firearm;
  • a weapon other than a Category E Weapon, anti-personnel gas, a mine or a hand grenade;
  • any replica of a weapon.

Applications for a TOS licence are assessed by an Authorised Officer pursuant to sections 39 and 40 of the Weapons Regulation 2016 and division 7, part 19 of the Weapons Act 1990.

Supporting evidence required for armourer or theatrical ordnance suppliers licence

Applicants are required to submit documentation supporting the application for an armourers licence or TOS licence to the Authorised Officer. Supporting evidence forming part of an application should include:

  • Business extract - a copy of the current registered business/company name providing details of the type of enterprise (e.g. sole proprietor, partnership, etc.), including the extract detailing the office holders of the company/business;
  • Business plan - a copy of the applicant’s business plan, including their intended client/market base;
  • Council approval for business - written approval from the applicant’s local council certifying the intended land use for the business is in compliance with local by-laws;
  • Security precautions - written submissions outlining the details of the premises and the security precautions that will be taken to ensure all weapons are securely stored and how these precautions meet the requirements of sections 78-87 of the Weapons Regulation 2016;
  • Understanding of legislation - detailed written submissions outlining the applicant’s understanding of the relevant sections of legislation; and
  • Evidence of involvement (for TOS licence) - evidence of involvement with film, television or theatrical production industries.

A failure to provide all relevant information to the Authorised Officer with a weapons licensing application for an armourer licence or TOS licence is likely to result in a delay in consideration of the application whilst further information is requested of the applicant by the Authorised Officer.

Rights of review if your weapons licence application is rejected

In the event that Weapons Licensing rejects an application for an armourer or TOS licence, there are avenues of review available through the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT). You can read more about this in our earlier article, “Has your Queensland firearms licence been suspended, revoked, or rejected?”

An application for review must be filed in QCAT within 28 days of receiving a notice that the application for the armourers licence or TOS licence has been rejected.

Get help from a lawyer experienced in weapons licensing

If you intend to apply for an armourer licence or TOS licence in Queensland, we are able to assist you by reviewing and advising you on the sufficiency of your supporting evidence prior to the making of an application, to minimise delays.

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